Insurance Repairs

It is never a nice experience when you have to have repairs done to your vehicle after you have unfortunately been in an accident

Know that it is your choice of where, when and how your repairs are completed.                                                                                                          

Insurance claims can make the process longer and more tiresome, but at Panel2Paint we specialise in accident damage and will work with you during every step of the repair process. Our team will keep you informed and will liaise directly with insurers and engineers, aiding you through the motor claims process.

We have worked with many insurers and it is our aim to offer every customer the advice and guidance needed to receive the very best service from start to finish.

Know Your Rights

  • You are not required, by law, to obtain more than one estimate
  • You have the right to go to a repair shop of your choosing
  • Your insurance company cannot insist you go to a particular repairer

As the owner of the vehicle making an insurance claim you have the right to choose the repair company of your choice. Many insurance companies will try to steer you towards their own authorised repairers, who may not even be local to you.

Remember it is your choice and you have the ultimate say. Once you have chosen where to have your repair done, an authority is given to the repairer by the insurance company to proceed with the repairs.

This is your car and a lifeline to getting to work, taking the children to school and attending social functions. The list is endless and when your vehicle becomes unusable your interests need to be top priority.

Talk to our team about your insurance claim, or if you have any questions about how we can help you, please contact us today.